Sunday, June 20, 2010

What to do with those crocks...

These crocks I keep my utensils in, they are in a old dough box on my kitchen counter. I had to find the perfect size crocks to fit each compartment.

I started collecting crocks a couple of years ago and use to plant flowers in them but then I began to find other uses for them. I am now into the crocks with lids. You can put tons of stuff in them from buttons to dog biscuits! I am not sure why I like these long skinny crocks (right pic) but for some reason I like them. They are stored in a old primitive tool box ( picked up for $17.00-it is really different because it has two leather pouches in front). I only pay between $2-5.00 for any of these crocks! I think they are neat looking! If you see anything you like and would like something like it for your home, just email me at and I can keep my eye out for you at sales. I know some people do not want to be bothered going to sales or do not have the time. I can do it for you..drop me a line. I am always buying for my friends and neighbors.

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