Sunday, June 20, 2010

Weekend finds

These are a couple of things I picked up at sales this weekend! The chair was only $2.00, it was perfect because it was small enough to fit on my front steps...I can never find a chair small enough so I can still open the door or not to wide to fit on the steps! I set a house on it
with a potted plant below and voila, the red box was a real find for only $7.00. I don't know what it is but I have this obsession with cupboards, tables, boxes or anything that has drawers...but that is another chapter for my blog. If I went into a country store, I bet the red box would be over $30.00..that is why I can't bare to pay the prices in stores anymore. I know what you are thinking...this person is a garage sale junkie...and you are RIGHT! But I do not go to all the sales...there is a method to my madness, I carefully start checking the ads on Craig's List and the local paper starting Thursdays of the week, I note only the sales that do not have clothes or toys. If it is an estate sale or barn sale (even though some of the barn sales I have been to lately have been nothing but garage sales inside a barn)! I want old stuff and love the ones that have lots of junk...there is a lot of hidden treasures in sales like that! Old crocks, jars, chairs, name it, it is there! Once in awhile I will find a sale that reads, primitives and I will go crazy. I always go earlier than the time stated, most people will let you in early but I have run across a few crabs, I just apologize for my rudeness and check out their goods. If I buy a lot of their stuff, I figure that makes up for me being early. They usually get over it when they see the green stuff hit the palm of their hands! The best way to find a good sale is to have a connection...networking with people is great! The leads can be endless....No, I do not stay out all day doing sales, I look around until about 11:00 am then I head home, if I haven't made it to a sale by that time, most of the good stuff is gone. The way I think about it, is that I am recycling something that someone else doesn't want and probably for more than half the price they paid for it!

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