Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My love for primitives

Welcome to my blog. I have a love for primitives and decorating my home inside and out with my favorite finds. When the snow melts and the sales begin, I can not wait to spend my early morning Saturdays searching for the perfect piece! I do not care if it needs some TLC ! The chabbier the better. I just dust it off, repaint it, or just leave it as is and place it in my favorite spot...
I paid only $1.00 for this table and I love it! I needed something for my porch and I did not want to buy anything too expensive and I wanted that cottage feel so this was what fit and I could not beat the price! Here are some other pictures of some of my favorite finds.. The blue cabinet (above,right corner)was only $10.00 and perfect for my garden...for that price I did not care if it got weathered, it would just be more perfect to me..the old bread box with yellow flowers was only $1.00. You can plant flowers in anything...use your imagination! The white cabinet was only $15.00(above,left corner) and I put my pots in it! I know there are a lot of you out there that love the same thing I do so get onto my blog and share ideas! I have met so many wonderful people through my searches and I have also converted a few onto decorating with primitives! Keep checking in for my weekly updates and finds. This is just the beginning of endless possibilities....Take care, secondhandsue


    I am sooo super excited to see that you started a blog!! I got to be your very first follower!!! Can't wait to see all your stuff.
    I already love everything in the pics!
    Big Hugs!

  2. Thanks Beth, you have been so supportive.

  3. How fun, Susan! I love your finds! My style is very ecclectic! Like you, I also like boxes, chairs, and shelves of any kind. You have a natural knack for decorating! :-)