Monday, September 27, 2010

My first Fall Open House

I am heading into a new direction...I am having my first Fall Open House with a friend of mine this weekend! I hope it is a big success because I would love to have it take off and eventually open up my own business. My friend, Diane, makes some really neat things from furniture to bird houses, she is one talented lady! I feel there is a need for this here in my town. I will keep you posted on the event with pictures of what is going to be sold. Any interests, can contact me through facebook or my email address: if you would like to attend the next open house or like what you see and would like something made! Keep checking for more information.....I have to go now and get my cookies started!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

There is a story about this chair...

About two years ago I went to this estate sale and I saw this is really old and very unique, it was priced at $35.00..I don't know why I did not buy it but I could not stop thinking about it! I was obsessed with it...I could not sleep thinking why did I pass it up? Will it be there in the morning? Who would want this beat up old that's who!!!! Well....I got up bright and early and went back to the sale and sure enough it was GONE! The lady at the sale said yes another woman had bought it...I was heart for 2 years I searched every sale, antique store, flea name it..I kept looking. Then to make matters worse..I saw it in the Country Living magazine..I knew I had to have one. I contacted the lady in the article, she had a antique store, she told me that was her high chair as a child and did not have another one! She would keep an eye out if she came across another one (she lived in Maine ), I never heard from her but I did not give the years passed, an antique store opened up down the street from my house, I went in it, even though the two women running the shop were bit--es! NOT FRIENDLY AT ALL! I hated to even buy anything from them because of their snobby attitudes! Then it happened....I went in the store and there was the chair! I asked them where they got it and rudely told me they just bought it at a yard sale and IT WAS NOT FOR SALE...they wanted it for display (the older woman said it was her daughters)...I told her my story about looking for this chair and how I missed it at that estate sale...she did not care about my situation or love for that chair..IT WAS NOT FOR SALE! I even lowered my standards and came home and called her and offered to pay $20.00 over what they paid, she said,"Oh we can bring it to a flea market and get over $150.00 for it!" I thought you BIT--...I know they only paid $35.00 for it and she gave me this song and dance that her daughter bought it for A LOT OF MONEY!!! I was not giving up..I went into the store with my good friend, Pat, and had her distract the owner while I took a picture of it with my cell phone and gave it to a woman that makes furniture and also travels to flea markets for primitive pieces...she said she had one similiar to it and would paint it red..I bought it from her but it was not the was not primitive! time went on, I put it in my mind that those two bit--es were not going to give in, there shop closed and I did not see the chair anymore.. wait my story is not over yet over the weekend, I went with my friend Pat to Burton Flea Market with over 400 vendors, it was only 55 degrees out and we were walking around the circle when I looked over at this one group of vendors and there it was....THE CHAIR! I could not believe it!!! I thought I found it...little did I know when I went to pay for it, it was the two women that owned the store in my town that closed...of course they marked the chair up about $30.00 and gave me this song and dance about how they JUST DECIDED to sell it on their way to the flea market...I wanted to tell them to go .........themselves but I just wanted to get that chair...yes, I swallowed my pride and purchased the chair for more than I know what they bought it for and I listed to their BS. Finally, it was mine....I did have this sick feeling in my stomach though, that I gave into these two pric----, I would of been thrilled if it was anybody but them! Oh well, I got it and now it is in a good home! I guess the moral of this story is never give up..if it is meant to be, it will happen!

Finds from the West coast

The cool wire picture frame was bought in this neat shop that had a lot of cloches, topiaries, birdhouses....the new accessories now are things made from this thin wire..I saw a carousel and a
small house but I was afraid to bring them with me on the plane so the next best thing was this frame, nice and flat, easy to pack in the suitcase! I wish I would of bought more because I love it on my table! The bowls were a great find too! The large red one was only $30.00 in an antique store with an additional 20% off, just couldn't pass it up! The smaller wooden bowl was a gift from my friend..priceless! (yes, those are pads for animals, looks tacky I know but my one cat sheds so I put them down on my couch, I did not realize how it looked when I took the picture until I posted it but atleast it shows off the bowls, oh well....I am still new at this so I will get better, I promise)!You know how I am about my little chairs so I just had to have this little rocker, it goes well with my other red chairs...I know enough already with the little red chairs! I had to ship that home, couldn't fit in my suite case but it was worth it. I love it on top of my black cabinet.

My California experience...

Sorry I have not been on by blog in awhile but I went on a little vacation to LaJolla, Calif. to visit a good friend of mine. While there we did some great things, San Diego Zoo, Balboa Park, Coronado and the San Diego was amazing to see even so far away...there are lots of antique stores with great stuff! Some shops were a little pricey but then there were others that were pretty compatible to where I live. My friend, Julie, use to tell me that she could not find the same things I had in my house in LaJolla (maybe the country craft stores) but when we went shopping she realized that there is a lot out there and she did not realize the variety of things you can find in co-ops and antique shops. Let me share some of my wonderful finds, now keep in mind, I flew out there so I was limited on what I could bring home