Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Eve fish and friends

On Christmas Eve, with family and friends, met for the annual fish dinner of octopus, squid, cod etc..etc...being that I am not a fish eater, I enjoyed the dessert table instead. All in all, it was a very nice evening laughing and talking with everyone! Okay, now I am done...time to start walking again and stop eating the cookies! My usual resolution for the New Year...Wishing everyone a prosperous and better year! Next posting will be in 2011!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Regifting etiquette

Just wanted to give a tip to all those that like to regift items....take out the card you got from the other person before you give that gift again! I got a gift from someone this holiday season and when I opened it, the card was still in the gift!

Soltice walk, December 21, 2010

Last night my friends and I went on our annual Winter Soltice walk in the woods. It was a great night, the air was crisp, no wind, just a clear, beautiful walk with nature. We talked, laughed and looked for the different animal prints along the trail. I would of taken more pictures of the trail but it was too dark. After an hour walk, we headed back to a neighbor's house for hot chocolate and pizza! We stayed for hours just talking! What a great evening!

Decorating idea for free

Just had to share this, I decorated my back stoop thanks to mother nature! As I would walk the neighbor's dog, I would check out the foilage and greenery in my neighborhood! I thought why not use them to save me some money and not have to worry about taking the decorations in, in case of bad weather (living near the snow belt, in the past, some of my outdoor decorations have been buried in the snow). I do not have to worry about plugs, electric bills and taking the decorations down after the holiday season has passed. I can keep these things out here until Spring if I wanted. First I found these red berries then the brown cone flowers, that had dried, and the greenery came from a pine cone tree, that shedded a few branches a couple of days ago when we had some high winds, I stuck them on a ladder I had, which is pretty rustic and sturdy for the outdoor elements, and put the berries and dried flowers in a watering can, but you could use a bucket (really anything that can tolerate the weather, not ceramic or pottery, will crack in the cold). So take a look around your neighborhood and see what you can come up with (but if something is on someone's property, please ask a neighbor if you can pick or clip it for your display). Have fun and share!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My Christmas decorating this year!

This year I have scaled way back on my decorating! Of course, I have sold a lot of my Christmas ornaments and trees so this year, I am using things that I already had! I love the large red ceramic ball in my red bowl, I did not know what to do with them when I purchased them last year for half price, but this year, they look great with some red beads and those huge pine cones that I found for free in North Carolina when I was visiting my kids around Thanksgiving time, I just sprayed them with white fake snow and they look great in my red bowl (which I did not really know what to do with when I brought it back from Calif. in Sept.). I think anything red goes anywhere during Christmas time! My glass cloches, I love to use to display my Christmas trees, Santas or candles...the small one is great, I just put a candle Christmas wreath around it and instantly gave it color!
The bottles on my window sill, I bought several years ago but kept thinking I would fill them with goodies and give them away as gifts, didn't seem to happen. I love them by the window because they sparkle when the light hits them! I don't know if you can really see them but they have shapes of houses on them! I just can't seem to part with them! I really went very simple this year...more pics to come!

Winter Soltice walk

Tonight is the winter soltice has been a tradition for a group of us to do this every year! We walk the trail out in the woods...even though we brave the elements (20 degree temps.) we pile on the clothes, get out our flashlights and walk the mile talking and laughing! Then we head to an area restuarant for some hot beverages and more good conversation! The weather is only predicting a light snow this evening so it will be perfect! Just being out in the woods with all that beauty around us is what keeps us going back each year...I will be taking pictures, so more to come....

Monday, December 20, 2010

Neighbor Christmas Party

On Saturday, December 18th, I hosted our neighborhood Christmas party. We had losts of good food and played a really fun game with the story, A Night Before Christmas, using lottery tickets. It was comical watching all these grown up people hang so tight to the lottery ticket they were holding and not wanting to pass it on to the person next to them! In the end everyone ended up with a ticket but only a few winners! Greed was setting in...I narrated the story and almost could not get through it, laughing so much! Everyone had a good time and left with goodie bags and some great memories!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Decorating on a budget

I am having a few neighbors over this Saturday for our annual Christmas get together and I wanted to decorate my front steps but I did not want to go out and buy anymore decorations so I looked around my house at what I had and started to put things together....this is what I came up with and it did not cost me a dime! I had these old jars ( tried to get rid of them at several garage sales but to no avail) and I already had the lights ( I always buy after the holidays at half price), I put the lights in the jars, went down the street and cut these red berries from my neighbor's tree ( I asked of course) put some extra ribbon around the tops and voila! Instant decorations for my front steps! It not only is beautiful but also adds extra lighting...

Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas Open House

My Christmas Open House on Nov. 20th, 2010 was a big success! We had lots of fun Christmas ornaments and vintage ornaments. The trees made by my friend, Diane, were all sold! She does a wonderful job crafting all these things...see anything you like? Just email me at and you can order almost anything. We served plenty of goodies and met some great new friends. It is a lot of work but worth it. Now, we are planning our next one in the Spring...keep checking!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

November 20th Christmas Craft Open House

Mark your calendars.....this Saturday is my Christmas Craft Open House..11-3. Lots of good stuff, primitives, vintage ornaments and trees, houses, benches, quilts, candles, primitive dolls and so much more. Come and enjoy the light refreshments and good company. Don't miss it! Check the local paper for the ad!

Monday, November 1, 2010

More of my stuff for sale...

Small cupboard, great for displaying items, puddy color $20.00!

The white garden wrought iron chair is really cute in the garden, good condition (35.00), black metal chair has a curved back and also looks great in the garden (7.00). The child's green chippy desk is only 20.00, also in good condition, has a middle drawer and 3 drawers on the side with a pull out board for writing notes on.

Christmas Craft Open House

Reminder: Christmas Craft Open House, November 20,2010 from 11:00 am until 3:00 pm at my house. There will be a lot of nice quality homemade crafts, quilts, homemade dolls, primitive houses, benches, centerpieces, vintage ornaments, decorated trees in old tins, pots etc.. and much more. You do not want to miss this! More pictures to come....Tell a friend and keep watch for the ad in the local paper!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Items for sale

This is a unique primtive piece, look at all those individual spaces...would look great ontop of a table or just by itself and it is for sale for only $55.00!!!
The watering cans are going for only $7.00 each and the windows (I have 5 of them,not same style as one shown)for $3.00 a piece...great to put on a wall or garden fence. Sorry but the white stool and primitive rakes SOLD! Contact me at if interested. Don't forget to watch on facebook and craigslist for the Christmas Craft Open house Saturday November 20 from 11-3..lots of fun, keep the date open. Don't miss it!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Boo Wow Walk

On Saturday with my good friends and neighbors, we walked for the Boo Wow Walk which benefits the Animal Protective League. It was a beautiful fall day and sooo many people with their dogs! A lot had themes (like Jeannie and Walley(dog))dressed to represent Breast Cancer Awareness this month, they won a prize for most creative theme....others just dressed up their dogs, the princess carriage with the three dogs won for the most imaginative theme! How cute! It was a lot of fun, being my first experience, for such a good cause! Please spay your pets!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Garage Sale Big Success

I had my garage sale yesterday and it was a big success! I did very well for a Friday morning...I was worried about the weather too since it rained all day on Thursday. I had a lot of my usual customers and we were able to talk about the upcoming event-the Christmas Craft Open House on November 20th-everyone seemed excited about it! It made me feel like there is hope to maybe some day start a business. My fellow primitive friends want the same thing I do, in fact, talking with them, they agreed that there is a need. Just getting started is the risk in these somewhat iffy hard times. I know I should not bring this up since I had such a good day but I have to talk about it anyway....get it off my shoulders, I guess! As usual, my local paper screwed up with the time on my sale and put 2:00 p.m. instead of 12:00 p.m. but it did work to my advantage, this time, because I did get a couple who bought $300.00 worth of stuff around 1:00 p.m. but that is not what I need to get off my started slowing up with traffic about 1:30 so I decided to close up for the day (it had been a long couple of days...don't get me wrong, I love doing garage meet a lot of nice people and it is rewarding to recycle your stuff! I know I am getting off track again), to get back to my story, I was cleaning up around 1:30, I took down my signs for the sale and started putting stuff away, I had some magazines that I thought I would bring down to the library...I like to put them in the free pile so others can enjoy them)so I closed my front door but did not lock it and went on my way, as I was coming back I could not believe my eyes...two ladies walking into my house! I recognized the one (remember, the garage sale grabber), it was her!!!! I could not believe she showed up after the way she treated me the last time...the other lady I did not recognize apologized and said she thought the sale might be in the house(the gsg, as I will call her did not say a word, it was like she let the other lady take the fall-coward), I told them the sale was over at 2:00 and I only had a few items that I did not put away yet on the side of the I was talking...the gsg walked around my porch picking up stuff looking at it...then she said to me (in her whiney voice), "I thought your sale started at 2:00pm), "ohhhh! I wanted to scream, this was her tactic, come late and buy things for nothing, thinking I wanted to get rid of it! Not this time....We chatted for a few more minutes and I finally got them out the door! I really think there is something wrong with the gsg lady but that is a whole other chapter in the garage sale life....until next time...

Thursday, October 14, 2010

More fall pictures...

I just love Fall! I had to take a picture of these beautiful trees across from my house...they are soooo colorful! I decorated my kitchen table with some fall accessories. The cloche I paid only $15.00 for and with the wooden pumpkin under inside just adds to the decor...I love it!

Some projects I have done....

These are a few of my summer projects...I should of taken before and after pictures but oh well! Anyway, the lamp was a dark brown...I liked the pineapple shape but it needed I got out my trusty paintbrush and painted in black and added a new lamp shade, now I like it, it goes with my black furniture in my bedroom. The black bench (top) was also all beat up and had a lot of paint marks on it, I didn't mind the primitive look but I like it better now with some black paint and a bird house or two! The wicker chairs were old and beat up, I paid $3.00 for each, I just added the paint jobs and some cushions and now I love em'. Old wicker is so much better, it has character and it made better than the cheap pieces you find in department stores! Now, that the cold weather is near, more projects will be done...

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Covered Bridge sales...

These are some great finds during the Covered Bridge sales this past weekend in Harpersfield. The bench was only $3.00, I have already painted it black and it sits on my back door stoop with an old bird house on it! The black iron chair was $5.00, I just love the shape and can't wait to leave it out in the elements to change the texture to rust...a great garden chair! There is even a spot on the bottom for a potted plant...the cloche was ONLY $15.00, it does have a slight chip at the bottom but I do not care.... it sits on top of my kitchen table with a wooden pumpkin under it and I wrapped some autumn leaves around the bottom...voila! the chip is not visible can really get some great buys if you just overlook the flaws..the bench was pretty beat up but that is what I like and for only $3.00, it was a great buy! Now, my best find was the weather was a little pricey but I have never seen a bicycle weather vane before! I am debating moving it is such a neat accent piece.

Covered Bridge Festival

What a great day for a nature walk in the woods and to enjoy the festivities with the Covered Bridge Festival. We discovered the water falls in the southern part of my county. Enjoyed the warm weather, the colorful leaves and the time spent with really good friends.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Garage Sale online

I am having my first garage sale online....these items are for sale. The green chest is an old blanket cabinet, has a drawer at the bottom and the top opens to store blankets or other linens, it is really a neat piece for only $50.00, the ladder next to it is $30.00...great for hanging towels in the kitchen or bath. White bucket, neat for plants onlyy $4.00 and the small display box $12.00. The green farm table (middle picture), has $35.00, green wooden house $10.00, small primitive horse..great for ontop of a table or cabinet $20.00, the blue 3 drawer cabinet asking $7.00...small childs red chair $10.00 and the puddy medicine cabinet (heavy) $20.00, small green stool $6.00, has curved legs-different!

The small yellow 3-drawer cabinet with black knobs $30.00, red large wooden bowl $35.00..can be used as a centerpiece on your table. Glass storage jars $15.00 for the set, blue box, great for storage under a cabinet or on top of a desk $10.00, lid lifts up for storage! See anything you like, contact me at to see! Having a sale on Friday October 15th so there will be more primitive and country stuff available!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Fall Open House

Well, I had my first Fall craft open house and it was okay...we had a lot of neat stuff and lots of goodies (cider, cookies, cupcakes) but not a lot of people showed, those that did...did spend! But....(and there is always a but) I guess I should of put an ad in the local paper because the invitations I sent out did not work! Live and learn!!! I know there is a demand in this area from the feedback I got from those that came...I must admit some were leery and did not know what the open house was all about! I need some marketing skills to learn how to get the word out! Any suggestions....

Monday, September 27, 2010

My first Fall Open House

I am heading into a new direction...I am having my first Fall Open House with a friend of mine this weekend! I hope it is a big success because I would love to have it take off and eventually open up my own business. My friend, Diane, makes some really neat things from furniture to bird houses, she is one talented lady! I feel there is a need for this here in my town. I will keep you posted on the event with pictures of what is going to be sold. Any interests, can contact me through facebook or my email address: if you would like to attend the next open house or like what you see and would like something made! Keep checking for more information.....I have to go now and get my cookies started!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

There is a story about this chair...

About two years ago I went to this estate sale and I saw this is really old and very unique, it was priced at $35.00..I don't know why I did not buy it but I could not stop thinking about it! I was obsessed with it...I could not sleep thinking why did I pass it up? Will it be there in the morning? Who would want this beat up old that's who!!!! Well....I got up bright and early and went back to the sale and sure enough it was GONE! The lady at the sale said yes another woman had bought it...I was heart for 2 years I searched every sale, antique store, flea name it..I kept looking. Then to make matters worse..I saw it in the Country Living magazine..I knew I had to have one. I contacted the lady in the article, she had a antique store, she told me that was her high chair as a child and did not have another one! She would keep an eye out if she came across another one (she lived in Maine ), I never heard from her but I did not give the years passed, an antique store opened up down the street from my house, I went in it, even though the two women running the shop were bit--es! NOT FRIENDLY AT ALL! I hated to even buy anything from them because of their snobby attitudes! Then it happened....I went in the store and there was the chair! I asked them where they got it and rudely told me they just bought it at a yard sale and IT WAS NOT FOR SALE...they wanted it for display (the older woman said it was her daughters)...I told her my story about looking for this chair and how I missed it at that estate sale...she did not care about my situation or love for that chair..IT WAS NOT FOR SALE! I even lowered my standards and came home and called her and offered to pay $20.00 over what they paid, she said,"Oh we can bring it to a flea market and get over $150.00 for it!" I thought you BIT--...I know they only paid $35.00 for it and she gave me this song and dance that her daughter bought it for A LOT OF MONEY!!! I was not giving up..I went into the store with my good friend, Pat, and had her distract the owner while I took a picture of it with my cell phone and gave it to a woman that makes furniture and also travels to flea markets for primitive pieces...she said she had one similiar to it and would paint it red..I bought it from her but it was not the was not primitive! time went on, I put it in my mind that those two bit--es were not going to give in, there shop closed and I did not see the chair anymore.. wait my story is not over yet over the weekend, I went with my friend Pat to Burton Flea Market with over 400 vendors, it was only 55 degrees out and we were walking around the circle when I looked over at this one group of vendors and there it was....THE CHAIR! I could not believe it!!! I thought I found it...little did I know when I went to pay for it, it was the two women that owned the store in my town that closed...of course they marked the chair up about $30.00 and gave me this song and dance about how they JUST DECIDED to sell it on their way to the flea market...I wanted to tell them to go .........themselves but I just wanted to get that chair...yes, I swallowed my pride and purchased the chair for more than I know what they bought it for and I listed to their BS. Finally, it was mine....I did have this sick feeling in my stomach though, that I gave into these two pric----, I would of been thrilled if it was anybody but them! Oh well, I got it and now it is in a good home! I guess the moral of this story is never give up..if it is meant to be, it will happen!

Finds from the West coast

The cool wire picture frame was bought in this neat shop that had a lot of cloches, topiaries, birdhouses....the new accessories now are things made from this thin wire..I saw a carousel and a
small house but I was afraid to bring them with me on the plane so the next best thing was this frame, nice and flat, easy to pack in the suitcase! I wish I would of bought more because I love it on my table! The bowls were a great find too! The large red one was only $30.00 in an antique store with an additional 20% off, just couldn't pass it up! The smaller wooden bowl was a gift from my friend..priceless! (yes, those are pads for animals, looks tacky I know but my one cat sheds so I put them down on my couch, I did not realize how it looked when I took the picture until I posted it but atleast it shows off the bowls, oh well....I am still new at this so I will get better, I promise)!You know how I am about my little chairs so I just had to have this little rocker, it goes well with my other red chairs...I know enough already with the little red chairs! I had to ship that home, couldn't fit in my suite case but it was worth it. I love it on top of my black cabinet.