Thursday, July 29, 2010

Garage Sale Grabber

Yes, I have decided I am going to write a book on garage sale etiquette!!! Where I live we have a person that goes around the sales and grabs things from you! There has to be rules for someone like that....first of all, she always goes to the sales early even if the ad says, NO EARLY BIRDS, then she grabs all the good stuff and piles it! She circles that pile like a hawk and if you touch it or accidently pick it up...good grief, she will come at you! I only heard stories about this person until last weekend when I saw this $8.00 bird bath, it was kind of cute and I thought it would be nice for my birds. I asked the young man there if the bird bath was already taken and he told me no, so I picked it she comes, like a vulture, and grabs the bird bath from my hand and says, "that's mine"! I didn't think it was that great so I let her have it. I didn't want her to EXPLODE or anything and it was only a BIRD BATH! She could of been polite but no, she added to her pile and continue her search going from table to table. I could see she was really turning others off by her greadiness! I will be showing the pictures from my finds later...Stay tuned...

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

More Makeovers....

I picked up this spice rack at a garage sale for $10.00, it was not painted but I could see the character in it and it was in good cracks or marks..I repainted it in a puddy color and added two new black knobs, now it sits ontop of my buffet and I am just waiting to fill it..any ideas? (At left)The candle holder was missing the middle glass piece, I put and old saucer in the middle and placed the ceramic green bird on top..I place in my small glass house and it makes a perfect display on my repainted table, I bought at a garage sale for only $20.00! I left the top as is and repainted the legs (they were a black speckled texture) with my favorite puddy color!

I picked up this small chest at the Raleigh flea market along with the little rocker. The rocker had a seat made of yarn but I liked it without it so I can either put a planter in it or just leave alone. I could not take the colors spray painted on the chest so I had to immediately sand, scrap, and resand to get it all off but it was worth it when I finished repainting.... check it out! (some old toys, that I also collect (on top) will fit nicely displayed in the drawers)...I just love when I can connect things together!

Recycle old to make new

I just love to find old things: like jars, ink bottles, metal picnic baskets and plant succulents in them to bring them back to life. Notice the little metal was a great find at a recent yard sale, it looks great in my garden!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

All kinds of houses

These are just some of the houses I have throughout my home! I
think they give my primitive decor such character! You can display them on cabinets, window sills, and smaller benches tucked in a corner of the room...sooo many ideas, just endless. I do pick up some bird houses at sales but the ones I have inside are made by a friend. If I find a picture in a magazine, she will build it and half the price and no shipping charges. The white house on the left has unique features, not something you would find in a shop. If you love houses,like I do, I can hook you up with my source to make your favorite piece. Drop me a line at These houses are not out door proof but she does make bird houses with old wood that can be kept outside all year around!

New finds

More wonderful finds during my garage sales hunting last weekend! More to come....

Saturday, July 10, 2010

primitive passion for old wooden horses

This horse was my first find in my hometown. When I saw the ad in the local paper for a toy horse, I couldn't believe it! I have been on the hunt for old wooden horses for over 5 years, I even have contacted sources in a Country magazine to see if they could help me but nothing ever developed. I remember this one gentleman told me once you find your first horse, you will begin to discover more and he was right! It took about 2 years but when I was visiting my boys in Raleigh, NC, I found my second horse at the Raleigh flea market! I know some may think I am crazy because both horses are not perfect but if you like primitives, the imperfections are what makes the piece! I am not one to like anything that is too ornate. My primitive pieces have pretty plain lines and can be beat up! That is what gives things character....I can go on and on but I think you get the idea!