Sunday, October 31, 2010

Items for sale

This is a unique primtive piece, look at all those individual spaces...would look great ontop of a table or just by itself and it is for sale for only $55.00!!!
The watering cans are going for only $7.00 each and the windows (I have 5 of them,not same style as one shown)for $3.00 a piece...great to put on a wall or garden fence. Sorry but the white stool and primitive rakes SOLD! Contact me at if interested. Don't forget to watch on facebook and craigslist for the Christmas Craft Open house Saturday November 20 from 11-3..lots of fun, keep the date open. Don't miss it!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Boo Wow Walk

On Saturday with my good friends and neighbors, we walked for the Boo Wow Walk which benefits the Animal Protective League. It was a beautiful fall day and sooo many people with their dogs! A lot had themes (like Jeannie and Walley(dog))dressed to represent Breast Cancer Awareness this month, they won a prize for most creative theme....others just dressed up their dogs, the princess carriage with the three dogs won for the most imaginative theme! How cute! It was a lot of fun, being my first experience, for such a good cause! Please spay your pets!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Garage Sale Big Success

I had my garage sale yesterday and it was a big success! I did very well for a Friday morning...I was worried about the weather too since it rained all day on Thursday. I had a lot of my usual customers and we were able to talk about the upcoming event-the Christmas Craft Open House on November 20th-everyone seemed excited about it! It made me feel like there is hope to maybe some day start a business. My fellow primitive friends want the same thing I do, in fact, talking with them, they agreed that there is a need. Just getting started is the risk in these somewhat iffy hard times. I know I should not bring this up since I had such a good day but I have to talk about it anyway....get it off my shoulders, I guess! As usual, my local paper screwed up with the time on my sale and put 2:00 p.m. instead of 12:00 p.m. but it did work to my advantage, this time, because I did get a couple who bought $300.00 worth of stuff around 1:00 p.m. but that is not what I need to get off my started slowing up with traffic about 1:30 so I decided to close up for the day (it had been a long couple of days...don't get me wrong, I love doing garage meet a lot of nice people and it is rewarding to recycle your stuff! I know I am getting off track again), to get back to my story, I was cleaning up around 1:30, I took down my signs for the sale and started putting stuff away, I had some magazines that I thought I would bring down to the library...I like to put them in the free pile so others can enjoy them)so I closed my front door but did not lock it and went on my way, as I was coming back I could not believe my eyes...two ladies walking into my house! I recognized the one (remember, the garage sale grabber), it was her!!!! I could not believe she showed up after the way she treated me the last time...the other lady I did not recognize apologized and said she thought the sale might be in the house(the gsg, as I will call her did not say a word, it was like she let the other lady take the fall-coward), I told them the sale was over at 2:00 and I only had a few items that I did not put away yet on the side of the I was talking...the gsg walked around my porch picking up stuff looking at it...then she said to me (in her whiney voice), "I thought your sale started at 2:00pm), "ohhhh! I wanted to scream, this was her tactic, come late and buy things for nothing, thinking I wanted to get rid of it! Not this time....We chatted for a few more minutes and I finally got them out the door! I really think there is something wrong with the gsg lady but that is a whole other chapter in the garage sale life....until next time...

Thursday, October 14, 2010

More fall pictures...

I just love Fall! I had to take a picture of these beautiful trees across from my house...they are soooo colorful! I decorated my kitchen table with some fall accessories. The cloche I paid only $15.00 for and with the wooden pumpkin under inside just adds to the decor...I love it!

Some projects I have done....

These are a few of my summer projects...I should of taken before and after pictures but oh well! Anyway, the lamp was a dark brown...I liked the pineapple shape but it needed I got out my trusty paintbrush and painted in black and added a new lamp shade, now I like it, it goes with my black furniture in my bedroom. The black bench (top) was also all beat up and had a lot of paint marks on it, I didn't mind the primitive look but I like it better now with some black paint and a bird house or two! The wicker chairs were old and beat up, I paid $3.00 for each, I just added the paint jobs and some cushions and now I love em'. Old wicker is so much better, it has character and it made better than the cheap pieces you find in department stores! Now, that the cold weather is near, more projects will be done...

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Covered Bridge sales...

These are some great finds during the Covered Bridge sales this past weekend in Harpersfield. The bench was only $3.00, I have already painted it black and it sits on my back door stoop with an old bird house on it! The black iron chair was $5.00, I just love the shape and can't wait to leave it out in the elements to change the texture to rust...a great garden chair! There is even a spot on the bottom for a potted plant...the cloche was ONLY $15.00, it does have a slight chip at the bottom but I do not care.... it sits on top of my kitchen table with a wooden pumpkin under it and I wrapped some autumn leaves around the bottom...voila! the chip is not visible can really get some great buys if you just overlook the flaws..the bench was pretty beat up but that is what I like and for only $3.00, it was a great buy! Now, my best find was the weather was a little pricey but I have never seen a bicycle weather vane before! I am debating moving it is such a neat accent piece.

Covered Bridge Festival

What a great day for a nature walk in the woods and to enjoy the festivities with the Covered Bridge Festival. We discovered the water falls in the southern part of my county. Enjoyed the warm weather, the colorful leaves and the time spent with really good friends.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Garage Sale online

I am having my first garage sale online....these items are for sale. The green chest is an old blanket cabinet, has a drawer at the bottom and the top opens to store blankets or other linens, it is really a neat piece for only $50.00, the ladder next to it is $30.00...great for hanging towels in the kitchen or bath. White bucket, neat for plants onlyy $4.00 and the small display box $12.00. The green farm table (middle picture), has $35.00, green wooden house $10.00, small primitive horse..great for ontop of a table or cabinet $20.00, the blue 3 drawer cabinet asking $7.00...small childs red chair $10.00 and the puddy medicine cabinet (heavy) $20.00, small green stool $6.00, has curved legs-different!

The small yellow 3-drawer cabinet with black knobs $30.00, red large wooden bowl $35.00..can be used as a centerpiece on your table. Glass storage jars $15.00 for the set, blue box, great for storage under a cabinet or on top of a desk $10.00, lid lifts up for storage! See anything you like, contact me at to see! Having a sale on Friday October 15th so there will be more primitive and country stuff available!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Fall Open House

Well, I had my first Fall craft open house and it was okay...we had a lot of neat stuff and lots of goodies (cider, cookies, cupcakes) but not a lot of people showed, those that did...did spend! But....(and there is always a but) I guess I should of put an ad in the local paper because the invitations I sent out did not work! Live and learn!!! I know there is a demand in this area from the feedback I got from those that came...I must admit some were leery and did not know what the open house was all about! I need some marketing skills to learn how to get the word out! Any suggestions....