Sunday, June 20, 2010

What to do with those crocks...

These crocks I keep my utensils in, they are in a old dough box on my kitchen counter. I had to find the perfect size crocks to fit each compartment.

I started collecting crocks a couple of years ago and use to plant flowers in them but then I began to find other uses for them. I am now into the crocks with lids. You can put tons of stuff in them from buttons to dog biscuits! I am not sure why I like these long skinny crocks (right pic) but for some reason I like them. They are stored in a old primitive tool box ( picked up for $17.00-it is really different because it has two leather pouches in front). I only pay between $2-5.00 for any of these crocks! I think they are neat looking! If you see anything you like and would like something like it for your home, just email me at and I can keep my eye out for you at sales. I know some people do not want to be bothered going to sales or do not have the time. I can do it for you..drop me a line. I am always buying for my friends and neighbors.

Weekend finds

These are a couple of things I picked up at sales this weekend! The chair was only $2.00, it was perfect because it was small enough to fit on my front steps...I can never find a chair small enough so I can still open the door or not to wide to fit on the steps! I set a house on it
with a potted plant below and voila, the red box was a real find for only $7.00. I don't know what it is but I have this obsession with cupboards, tables, boxes or anything that has drawers...but that is another chapter for my blog. If I went into a country store, I bet the red box would be over $30.00..that is why I can't bare to pay the prices in stores anymore. I know what you are thinking...this person is a garage sale junkie...and you are RIGHT! But I do not go to all the sales...there is a method to my madness, I carefully start checking the ads on Craig's List and the local paper starting Thursdays of the week, I note only the sales that do not have clothes or toys. If it is an estate sale or barn sale (even though some of the barn sales I have been to lately have been nothing but garage sales inside a barn)! I want old stuff and love the ones that have lots of junk...there is a lot of hidden treasures in sales like that! Old crocks, jars, chairs, name it, it is there! Once in awhile I will find a sale that reads, primitives and I will go crazy. I always go earlier than the time stated, most people will let you in early but I have run across a few crabs, I just apologize for my rudeness and check out their goods. If I buy a lot of their stuff, I figure that makes up for me being early. They usually get over it when they see the green stuff hit the palm of their hands! The best way to find a good sale is to have a connection...networking with people is great! The leads can be endless....No, I do not stay out all day doing sales, I look around until about 11:00 am then I head home, if I haven't made it to a sale by that time, most of the good stuff is gone. The way I think about it, is that I am recycling something that someone else doesn't want and probably for more than half the price they paid for it!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Things under glass

This was my first find! About 10 years ago, I was visiting my family in Liverpool,NY and I went to this primitive shop and saw this greenhouse made out of old windows! I fell in love...I had never seen anything like this before...I had to have it even though it was a little pricey! Now, I see them in shops, flea markets and I have also met a woman that can make them for half price!!! Who knew? (If interested in having one of your own, contact me at my email and I will hook you up!) The wardien house (right pic)I found online from a garden shop in Minnesota. It too was pricey but it was sooo different! I
got it for half price though because it was pretty rusty and one of the side glass panels had a crack in it...I had to beg the owner to sell it to me, she was discontinuing wardien houses and this was her last one, she kept it outside so that is why it was in the shape it was, but I did not care! I just white washed it and now goes with my other primitive decor! What fun! I noticed one habit I do have, once I am in love with some piece, I can not just stop at one!

mini glass houses

I am intrigued with cloches. You do not need to just put plants in them, I love to put objects in them, the smaller cloche, I found at a flea market for only $6.00 and put a small green ceramic bird in it. Notice the two larger cloches have birds on the top, they are so different. I like grouping things in threes! The white smaller greenhouse, I bought at a yard sale for $1.00, it is so cool...I placed two ceramic cobalt blue bunnies in it and have it on my kitchen table. I love taking candle holders inside the cloche to give a different look (white ceramic holder in glass cloche, right picture). Once you start looking at sales you find all kinds of things you can use as a glass house or cloche. I often thought about the glass tops to cheese trays would make a great cloche, the only drawback is that you are limited on what you can put under it because of the size! I am showing more pictures of glass houses I have all around my house! They make great accessories around your home and garden! The ideas are endless...I could go on and on but I think you get the idea..any comments email Take care for now!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Chairs,chairs, and more chairs

I put a peg board bracket on the wall and hung my favorite small chairs (the little red chair came from a friend)but I purchased the other chairs for $1.00 a piece. Great finds! Notice the primitive horse, I got that at the Raleigh, NC flea market. I went crazy when I saw it, that is another story.

I know I said I would be back once a week but I just couldn't wait to share soo many of my ideas, first of all, thanks to all my family and friends who checked out my blog and gave me such positive support ! Onto my next subject, which is chairs!!! I love chairs, especially children's chairs, just like this primitive high chair I purchased at a barn sale for only $6.00!!!! You notice the legs go out and the back goes around. I just love it in my house! You can do soo much with chairs. I put them out in the garden with flowers on it or even take the seat out and place a pot on it and looks great! I know I have to work on these pictures so they are upright (see above). I picked up the rocker for $3.00 and the watering can was only $10.00! I put little chairs with benches and I love to hang old chairs on the wall! (see above)The ideas are endless with chairs! If anyone out there knows of where I could pick up more of these primitive children's chairs, email me at I hope you are enjoying my blog and continue checking in...have a great day:) secondhandsue

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My love for primitives

Welcome to my blog. I have a love for primitives and decorating my home inside and out with my favorite finds. When the snow melts and the sales begin, I can not wait to spend my early morning Saturdays searching for the perfect piece! I do not care if it needs some TLC ! The chabbier the better. I just dust it off, repaint it, or just leave it as is and place it in my favorite spot...
I paid only $1.00 for this table and I love it! I needed something for my porch and I did not want to buy anything too expensive and I wanted that cottage feel so this was what fit and I could not beat the price! Here are some other pictures of some of my favorite finds.. The blue cabinet (above,right corner)was only $10.00 and perfect for my garden...for that price I did not care if it got weathered, it would just be more perfect to me..the old bread box with yellow flowers was only $1.00. You can plant flowers in anything...use your imagination! The white cabinet was only $15.00(above,left corner) and I put my pots in it! I know there are a lot of you out there that love the same thing I do so get onto my blog and share ideas! I have met so many wonderful people through my searches and I have also converted a few onto decorating with primitives! Keep checking in for my weekly updates and finds. This is just the beginning of endless possibilities....Take care, secondhandsue