Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Chairs,chairs, and more chairs

I put a peg board bracket on the wall and hung my favorite small chairs (the little red chair came from a friend)but I purchased the other chairs for $1.00 a piece. Great finds! Notice the primitive horse, I got that at the Raleigh, NC flea market. I went crazy when I saw it, that is another story.

I know I said I would be back once a week but I just couldn't wait to share soo many of my ideas, first of all, thanks to all my family and friends who checked out my blog and gave me such positive support ! Onto my next subject, which is chairs!!! I love chairs, especially children's chairs, just like this primitive high chair I purchased at a barn sale for only $6.00!!!! You notice the legs go out and the back goes around. I just love it in my house! You can do soo much with chairs. I put them out in the garden with flowers on it or even take the seat out and place a pot on it and looks great! I know I have to work on these pictures so they are upright (see above). I picked up the rocker for $3.00 and the watering can was only $10.00! I put little chairs with benches and I love to hang old chairs on the wall! (see above)The ideas are endless with chairs! If anyone out there knows of where I could pick up more of these primitive children's chairs, email me at I hope you are enjoying my blog and continue checking in...have a great day:) secondhandsue

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