Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Covered Bridge sales...

These are some great finds during the Covered Bridge sales this past weekend in Harpersfield. The bench was only $3.00, I have already painted it black and it sits on my back door stoop with an old bird house on it! The black iron chair was $5.00, I just love the shape and can't wait to leave it out in the elements to change the texture to rust...a great garden chair! There is even a spot on the bottom for a potted plant...the cloche was ONLY $15.00, it does have a slight chip at the bottom but I do not care.... it sits on top of my kitchen table with a wooden pumpkin under it and I wrapped some autumn leaves around the bottom...voila! the chip is not visible now...you can really get some great buys if you just overlook the flaws..the bench was pretty beat up but that is what I like and for only $3.00, it was a great buy! Now, my best find was the weather vane...it was a little pricey but I have never seen a bicycle weather vane before! I am debating moving it inside...it is such a neat accent piece.

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