Sunday, September 26, 2010

Finds from the West coast

The cool wire picture frame was bought in this neat shop that had a lot of cloches, topiaries, birdhouses....the new accessories now are things made from this thin wire..I saw a carousel and a
small house but I was afraid to bring them with me on the plane so the next best thing was this frame, nice and flat, easy to pack in the suitcase! I wish I would of bought more because I love it on my table! The bowls were a great find too! The large red one was only $30.00 in an antique store with an additional 20% off, just couldn't pass it up! The smaller wooden bowl was a gift from my friend..priceless! (yes, those are pads for animals, looks tacky I know but my one cat sheds so I put them down on my couch, I did not realize how it looked when I took the picture until I posted it but atleast it shows off the bowls, oh well....I am still new at this so I will get better, I promise)!You know how I am about my little chairs so I just had to have this little rocker, it goes well with my other red chairs...I know enough already with the little red chairs! I had to ship that home, couldn't fit in my suite case but it was worth it. I love it on top of my black cabinet.

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