Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Decorating idea for free

Just had to share this, I decorated my back stoop thanks to mother nature! As I would walk the neighbor's dog, I would check out the foilage and greenery in my neighborhood! I thought why not use them to save me some money and not have to worry about taking the decorations in, in case of bad weather (living near the snow belt, in the past, some of my outdoor decorations have been buried in the snow). I do not have to worry about plugs, electric bills and taking the decorations down after the holiday season has passed. I can keep these things out here until Spring if I wanted. First I found these red berries then the brown cone flowers, that had dried, and the greenery came from a pine cone tree, that shedded a few branches a couple of days ago when we had some high winds, I stuck them on a ladder I had, which is pretty rustic and sturdy for the outdoor elements, and put the berries and dried flowers in a watering can, but you could use a bucket (really anything that can tolerate the weather, not ceramic or pottery, will crack in the cold). So take a look around your neighborhood and see what you can come up with (but if something is on someone's property, please ask a neighbor if you can pick or clip it for your display). Have fun and share!

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