Saturday, October 16, 2010

Garage Sale Big Success

I had my garage sale yesterday and it was a big success! I did very well for a Friday morning...I was worried about the weather too since it rained all day on Thursday. I had a lot of my usual customers and we were able to talk about the upcoming event-the Christmas Craft Open House on November 20th-everyone seemed excited about it! It made me feel like there is hope to maybe some day start a business. My fellow primitive friends want the same thing I do, in fact, talking with them, they agreed that there is a need. Just getting started is the risk in these somewhat iffy hard times. I know I should not bring this up since I had such a good day but I have to talk about it anyway....get it off my shoulders, I guess! As usual, my local paper screwed up with the time on my sale and put 2:00 p.m. instead of 12:00 p.m. but it did work to my advantage, this time, because I did get a couple who bought $300.00 worth of stuff around 1:00 p.m. but that is not what I need to get off my started slowing up with traffic about 1:30 so I decided to close up for the day (it had been a long couple of days...don't get me wrong, I love doing garage meet a lot of nice people and it is rewarding to recycle your stuff! I know I am getting off track again), to get back to my story, I was cleaning up around 1:30, I took down my signs for the sale and started putting stuff away, I had some magazines that I thought I would bring down to the library...I like to put them in the free pile so others can enjoy them)so I closed my front door but did not lock it and went on my way, as I was coming back I could not believe my eyes...two ladies walking into my house! I recognized the one (remember, the garage sale grabber), it was her!!!! I could not believe she showed up after the way she treated me the last time...the other lady I did not recognize apologized and said she thought the sale might be in the house(the gsg, as I will call her did not say a word, it was like she let the other lady take the fall-coward), I told them the sale was over at 2:00 and I only had a few items that I did not put away yet on the side of the I was talking...the gsg walked around my porch picking up stuff looking at it...then she said to me (in her whiney voice), "I thought your sale started at 2:00pm), "ohhhh! I wanted to scream, this was her tactic, come late and buy things for nothing, thinking I wanted to get rid of it! Not this time....We chatted for a few more minutes and I finally got them out the door! I really think there is something wrong with the gsg lady but that is a whole other chapter in the garage sale life....until next time...