Thursday, July 29, 2010

Garage Sale Grabber

Yes, I have decided I am going to write a book on garage sale etiquette!!! Where I live we have a person that goes around the sales and grabs things from you! There has to be rules for someone like that....first of all, she always goes to the sales early even if the ad says, NO EARLY BIRDS, then she grabs all the good stuff and piles it! She circles that pile like a hawk and if you touch it or accidently pick it up...good grief, she will come at you! I only heard stories about this person until last weekend when I saw this $8.00 bird bath, it was kind of cute and I thought it would be nice for my birds. I asked the young man there if the bird bath was already taken and he told me no, so I picked it she comes, like a vulture, and grabs the bird bath from my hand and says, "that's mine"! I didn't think it was that great so I let her have it. I didn't want her to EXPLODE or anything and it was only a BIRD BATH! She could of been polite but no, she added to her pile and continue her search going from table to table. I could see she was really turning others off by her greadiness! I will be showing the pictures from my finds later...Stay tuned...


  1. You gotta tell me who it is!! Do you know???

  2. Sue, you should take a picture of the "grabber" and post it here. That would teach her a lesson..LOL