Tuesday, August 3, 2010


There is nothing better than getting something for free! I was at a neighbors house and admiring these chairs..they were black and white with a lot of chippy paint, he wanted $15.00 for them and I kept himming and hawwing about it, I really did not need them so I did not care if I got them or not, well...the next thing I know he is giving them to me...he said he had to downsize and wanted to clean things out. I said okay, I liked the style of the chairs but did not really know what to do with them ( I already had chairs for the back yard). I thought about giving them away but to who? After a couple of days, I went to Wal-mart and checked out the paint section, this color caught my eye, it was colorful enough for summer fun! Then, I decided to stop at Home-Depot, they had all their outdoor pillows on sale....voila! I picked these cushions up for $6.00 a piece. I think they turned out pretty good! See what a little paint can do? I spent about $5.00 on the paint so I have invested just $17.00 I have a new look, I have seen these chairs at flea markets for soooo much more. The white table was also FREE....I helped a friend of mine price her things for a sale and we bartered, the table for my help...it is a great way to get items without a price! I just love it in my back yard! The small three drawer was given to me by another friend of mine...she was going to burn it and I saved it! Nooooo, I knew I could give it a good home, the drawers had some painting of small houses on it, I just painted them over with some yellow mustard paint (I have some really good paint but it is expensive-Olde Century Colors, have you heard of it? Great stuff! it comes from North Bend, Indiana and goes on smooth...sorry, for getting off track) I put it in my kitchen and goes with my colors. It is true that best things in life are FREE!!!! Try the barter system with a friend, saves so much!

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