Sunday, August 15, 2010

Couldn't find the sale

I just need to sound off....I did my usual ritual looking at the newspaper on Wednesday morning to find the best sales...things are getting pretty grim with the end of the summer sales and back to school sales but I did find one ad that intrigued me, it was only on Thursday from 8-5 about 26 miles from my house. The ad read: antiques, collectibles, old Disney items and NO CLOTHES!!!I hopped on my computer and googled the address so I was all set to go! ..anyway, I counted my stash and got myself up early that day so I could give myself plenty of know Time is the key to getting the good stuff ...It had rained that night so it was pretty gloomy out when I headed out for my adventure..and what an adventure it was!! I was able to find the street but unfortunately part of the road was closed for construction!! Yikes!!! My palms started to sweat and my heart was racing..where was this friggin' sale???? I was out on stone roads in the country looking for this SALE..I wanted to SCREAM! I circled around two roads I knew to see if the sale was on the other side but NO, IT WAS NOT THERE..I was so upset at this time, WHERE WERE THE FRIGGIN' SIGNS????? No signs anywhere for this sale, people have to understand that if you put an ad in the paper, you must put up signs so people can find the friggin' thing! I rode around for 1 hour looking for this sale, wasted my gas and time for NOTHING! I was soooo disappointed, my weekend was heading for a downward spiral.....

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