Sunday, September 18, 2011

Never throw away old wooden dresser knobs

I always keep any old wooden knobs that I come across at sales or on old pieces of furniture that is about to go out in the trash, knobs can be expensive and they don't make the different sizes like the old ones were...I bought this primitive tool box (orange in color, now orange is not one of my favorite colors but this orange seems to work on this box, well the knobs were all different sizes, it took me almost 2 hours to get them all off the drawers, I painted some knobs I just happen to have black and refitted them onto the drawers and they look GREAT! It was worth the effort, the old knobs I kept and put them on a old dresser I have and used the three old knobs from the dresser on the grey cubby box! Perfect! The grey cubby box had these glass knobs (which I kept for another rainy day project) which did not quite fit so the smaller chippy brown knobs worked out! I guess the lesson here is you just never know when those saved knobs are going to come in handy. Put them in an old glass jar and you can also use them for display on a shelf! The ideas are endless. Have fun!

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