Monday, June 13, 2011

Burton Antique Market

Went to the Burton Antique Market this weekend with my friend, Dawn and her daughter, Abby. Here are some of my great finds. I can stop the search now for my third spice cabinet. I found it after searching the market for over an hour in the hot sun but it was worth it. I got it for a steal, of course, I had to add my own touch to it with paint and distressing it to look more primitive. Also, the little table was just so was found in a new shop in Burton, Ohio downtown. I also had to paint it to my own taste. It had two holes on the second shelf but with a little wood puddy, they are now gone (that was another reason why I had to paint it). I just love the little drawer in the front. It was such a great day going to the market with Dawn and Abby. They took me to some other quaint places in the surrounding areas. We had lunch at Mary Yoder's (famous Amish restuarant). Then hit a country store and had more fun with a simple $3.99 whoopie cushion! I never laughed so much that day.

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