Monday, March 7, 2011

In house sale

On Saturday, I had a house sale. Now, I have had many sales in the past and I am sure that people have taken things from me and I figure if they really want that $2-3 item, then God bless! But I met my first time con-artist, she was a real piece of work. This 60 year old woman, that was dressed real nice and carried a big purse, stayed at my sale for over an hour going through my stuff wanting this or that. Couldn't decide on what she really wanted..and everytime someone bought something she wanted it! We talked for a long time and she was waiting on her son to come and look at this cabinet I had to see if he could take it home in his truck. In the meantime, I got busy with other customers, she kept saying go ahead and help them, I have to go to my car to see how much money I have because I can not decide if I want the cabinet or the chairs! I had this real nice weather vane thatwas made in the shape of a old fashioned bike with the big wheel in the front! I paid over $100.00 for it and knew it was worth more but it had a piece that needed to be saudered on. After the older couple left and I helped them carry the stuff to their car I came back into my house and noticed the weather vane was missing..I talked to this woman about it and she acted shocked! I contacted the police and made out a report while she was there! Her son finally came and they left with the cabinet. Another woman, that was previously at my sale, came back for some benches, I call her my guardian angel, because in my state of shock I asked her if she knew or saw anyone with the weather vane and she said yes! The woman that you were talking with for a long period of time. Come to find out this guardian angel not only saw her take it but she knew her and gave me her name. I was able to contact her and told her either she brings me the money or I was going to prosecute her. She did not try to deny it and return with the money. I was very lucky. My lesson here is DO NOT TRUST ANYONE and put all your valuable pieces in eyesite of the sale!

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  1. OMG!!What an ordeal!! SOOOOO glad you got your money! How awful of someone to take advantage. By the way...I sold the cubby and the table I bought from you in January! Soooo wish I could have come to your recent sale! I would have tackled the broad!