Wednesday, December 26, 2012

This year I was on a tight budget so I decided to check out my local Goodwill store and voila! I found some real treasures there and a real good price (CHEAP)! Let me show you some of my fabulous finds...
The Roseville green pot was $8.00 and the greenery was only 59 cents, I filled the pot with my Christmas greenery with tiny ginger bread men.
My white $16.00 tree not bought from Goodwill but at a local store was decorated by ornaments and white icicles I already had! A garage sale white planter holds the base with a Christmas garland surrounding the planter was 50 cents at another sale!
The green Christmas wreaths from Goodwill were 50 cents each, I just decorated with wooden smalls I had from some old window garland, now to get some plaid Christmas ribbon to hang from the windows (next year plan). The ball jar was only 50 cents, I changed the bulb inside and put a small grapevine wreath to hang from the ribbon surrounded by a Christmas wreath I already had!
The small Christmas tree was only $1.00 from Goodwill also, it had some ugly garland and broken lights on it, which took me 2 hours to dismantle, to turn the tree into a simple tree adorned by wooden stockings and the white wreath was also a garage sale find for only $1.00.
The two small Christmas trees, I had just covered in small lights and stuck in a primitive wooden box. Inside the box I put old spools of yarn and twine to give it a more primitive look! There you have it,my simple Christmas this year. I hope I gave you some ideas for next year... I will try to keep my blog updated for the New Year!

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