Sunday, February 19, 2012

I lost my best friend on 2/18/2012

I do not know why things happen to us but there has to be a reason. Two days before Christmas this straggly long haired dirty white dog came to my friend (Barb) and I looking for help! Immediately, we fed her and gave her a nice warm home. Within the next few days, we had her groomed and began a long two month battle to make her better! She had some medical issues, we were determined to beat. We walked her, fed her, bought her lots of goodies and some things she needed (diapers, which she hated to put on, but wouldn't you)? All through the vet visits, walks, diaper changes, baths and trips in the car, she never whimpered, moaned or tried to fight back! She was a sweetheart and let us just take care of her. She listened and always tried to go outside to the bathroom (even though she had a few accidents)she did her best! We loved her anyway! Sometimes, she would get picky about her diet and putting on the diaper, she was just a loving dog! The last few days were the toughest, she lost control of her back legs, we thought it was the arthritis but it turned out to be a inoperable tumor on her spine! We were devistated! Everything we tried did not work for this sweet lady! We had to put her to sleep yesterday and besides loosing my father, this has been the hardest thing I have ever done! Why? I keep asking myself and God do things happen like this? There has to be a reason! With this broken heart of mine, I wish someone would give me the answer! I love you Holly and will miss you deeply! (The picture is of one of the walks she went on with the other dogs in the neighborhood and their new sweaters (Holly is the white dog)). I am glad you came into my life, dear friend, but I wish it could of been longer. Even though it hurts, I know you are in a better place.

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