Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Pumpkins redo

Now that winter is here and the garage sales have ended for the season, I like to keep busy doing projects. I was looking through my country magazines and found in the Country Living Magazine an article on decoupaging pumpkins! I thought what a neat idea so I went and bought my Mod Podge and began...well, it is not as easy as it looks! I got this pumpkin pillow on a whim and just hated it! I tried selling it, I tried giving it away but nobody would bite so I thought what could I do with it??? I played around with ideas for a couple of days but because of its shape it would be hard to decoupage it so I decided to paint it a black color and decoupage black checked pumpkins on it (the pumpkins covered up the marks from where I tore the felt eyes and mouth off)it sure was a big improvement! So see if there is something you wish you would not have ever bought, think about what you can do to change it!

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