Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ohio Pickers Dream

In Ohio the garage sales come to an end with the cold weather coming but my friend and I found a great sale this past weekend. It was in a old wharehouse that use to have flea markets for over 20 years! This stuff was all over the place, in boxes, every room their was treasures that had not been touched for years! It was truly a pickers dream. For three solid hours, we went through stuff after stuff! Things were going CHEAP!! Old farm tables of all sizes, industrial cabinets, unusual industrial carts, furniture, crocks, wire baskets, old yarn spindals, you name it, it was there, you just had to get down and pick your way through piles of stuff! If I had an old farm house, I could of filled it with the massive primitive cupboards that were there! Old doors with such character going for only $3.00! I wish I had a big uhaul and a place to store the stuff, I could of had a lot of neat primitive stuff! Never did we ever imagine finding the stuff we did! I found these old wire baskets I love to use in closets to store shoes, sweaters, blankets etc...they even have such character I like to use them in a kitchen for potatoes, get the picture I am sure. I was in heaven when I came across this old tool cabinet, it had over 35 drawers for only $30.00! Notice the firkin on top, I found, it has an old drawing on it, these things go for around 35.00-50.00 on ebay! The old thread spools I like to place in jars or just display! The small farm table looks so cute on my front porch with all my fall decor, it was only $5.00 and I love the primitive paint already on it!

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